Classic MPH

Classic MPH is the brainchild of two very good friends David Harper and Paul Rudd. Both of the guys have a massive love for cars and with both working in the entertainment industry, they know how hard it is to find great cars when you need them!

David Harper has been fascinated by art and antiques all his life. From as early as he can remember he has been collecting and studying all things old and ancient…and he hasn’t stopped! He also has a MASSIVE love for the classic cars! David is a well known BBC TV presenter appearing on many antiques and art programmes like Bargain Hunt, Antiques Roadtrip, Cash In The Attic, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, Flog It and For What Its Worth.

David said ” I work on TV a lot, and the same conversation seems to pop up… Where do we find this car from, or we need that car, where can we find one? Classic MPH is now there to help find them”

Paul Rudd is and international music producer, DJ, artist and label owner. He has always loved cars, and has a huge love for formula one. He said “I have searched for cars for music videos, trying to find the right one. Also for photo shoots etc, it’s always hard to find the one you want. Classic MPH will hopefully solve this problem!”

David and Paul have been friends for many years, and even though working in two very different areas of the entrainment industry, their paths cross a lot. Both decided to launch Classic MPH as a free service for both sides. The user and the client.

“We just want people to upload their beautiful cars and then show them off!” David says. “All the industry has to do now, is search what they are looking for, and fingers crossed they will find it”

It’s a simple process and then down to the owner to negotiate with the client if they want to use their car.

“We hope we have given a platform for people to help each other, its very simple, but also very effective” Paul says.

David Harper
Paul Rudd